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The Hide and Rose story began after one sentimental Bride’s hunt for an unconventional wedding dress cover-up. She wanted an item that would reflect her own sense of style – something classic yet edgy, something elegant yet bold. She loved the idea of leather on lace – the eternally chic look of leather over her soft and flowing lace wedding dress. Perfect!

She searched her wardrobe for something she could re-purpose and discovered three perfectly fitting leather jackets she had forgotten that she owned. The edgy leather against her lace wedding dress worked, but she dreamt of something more: a feminine, artistic touch: a splash of colour; something to add head-turning detail to her one fine day. She imagined her leather jacket as the canvas for colour and she imagined roses (Rose being her middle name). And to truly personalise her jacket she could include sentimental detail like her new last name and the date of her wedding. Or maybe some meaningful words – a verse or inscription. She was inspired! She envisioned her wedding anniversary outfits in the years to come with her jeans, heels & her personalised wedding day jacket. Or maybe, a soft flowing maxi-length batik and sandals teamed with her unique painted leather jacket. She wanted this for her; and for every unique bride.

Once the bride’s tribe heard, they wanted their own jackets to mark the special occasion. It was the least that this sentimental bride could do for her tribe. The mission became clear, Hide and Rose jackets for all. The idea of up-cycling those leather jackets everyone has hanging in their closet inspired our heroine. Fast fashion is fun, but what if she could play her part in helping support communities that are affected by the fast fashion industry and be part of the fashion revolution that promotes slow fashion and conscious consumerism? Time to slow things down, it’s time to start living more sustainably. Be a revolutionary voice in support of re-cycling and re-claiming vintage clothes and invest in quality garments that will last season to season and year to year.


Hide and Franc is the brother brand of Hide and Rose and was born to cater to guys and gals with an urban attitude and a love for hand-made lux accessories.

Only the finest quality leather is used by leather tailors to hand-make Hide and Franc’s leather ties and pockets. We live in a world where many things are mass produced and people the world over are choosing to embrace things that are made by hand in small quantities.

Hide and Franc’s leather ties and pockets are a high quality special occasion or day to day accessory, that make a lasting gift or addition to your wardrobe.