Heart Breaker 2

Heart Breaker (jacket included)


This ready-to-wear leather jacket is a statement jacket if we’ve ever seen one! A vibrant jacket can take you from an early-morning gym class to an evening soiree. Simply swap your track pants and sneakers for a silk gown and stilettos. The same epic jacket can work for the office, too, with a prim button-down and trousers. What else do you own that can do all that and qualifies as an instant heirloom!

This ready-to-wear jacket is a leather MUUBAA jacket size UK 10, US 6, EU 38. By purchasing this product you will be purchasing the jacket with the artwork. Get in quick, this jacket is a one-off.




The first time Sharon had a paintbrush in her hand, she was only three years old. Not quite a masterpiece in her Dad’s eyes – she painted the walls of their house with creosote (black tar). Thankfully for us, every piece of art she has created since has been impressive. Read more »